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consulting for visual simulation and 3D graphics

Biography of Tim Moore

software engineer with 20 years experience in real time visual simulation, computer graphics, language implementation and operating systems internals. Excellent math, design and debugging skills.


3D visual simulation
OpenSceneGraph (OSG), OpenGL, SGI Performer. Expert in 3D database paging, performance tuning, ports of proprietary systems to open APIs. Major contributor to the FlightGear flight simulator project; rearchitected graphics system to use OSG and shaders, enabling very advanced effects in models and terrain. Created fast, pagable graphics database format for a location-based entertainment application (DisneyQuest Coaster), shared between the attraction and front-end kiosk. Redesigned legacy image generator (Lockheed-Martin Vistaworks) to use SGI Performer, which won research contracts with the U.S. Army Topographic Engineering Center. Designed and directed implementation of projective texture lighting effects in OpenGL for a tank simulator prototype. Wrote interface library for a Polhemus 3D tracker for a groundbreaking VR training device (Sarcos ISMS).
3D Computer Graphics
OpenGL, OpenGL ES-SC, JSR-184, console games, Blender, Wings3d. Wrote prototype of cockpit display in OpenGL ES SC for Thales to teach high performance OpenGL techniques and establish performance standard. Technical lead on a Sony PlayStation title. Wrote complete tools path from Maya to Sony's HMD format, with automatic preview on the game console.
2D Computer Graphics
OpenVG, CLIM, GTK and Cairo, X Windows, presentation based interfaces Major contributor to McCLIM, a free implementation of the Common Lisp Interface Manager spec; implemented ``presentation types,'' which had been thought impossible in portable Common Lisp . Contributed scissoring to the ShivaVG implementation of OpenVG
Operating System Internals
Linux kernel and module programming Implemented graphing and backtrace improvements for the Systemtap tracing project.
Language Implementation
Internals of GCC (GNU C compiler), GDB (GNU symbolic debugger), CMU Common Lisp. x86-64 support, support for 32 bit processes on 64 bit platforms, and breakpoints for the Frysk next-generation debugger. Ported Utah Common Lisp (UCL) to 386 and MIPS architectures. Ported GCC 1.37 and 2.0 to Hewlett-Packard's PA-RISC architecture. PA-RISC backend for CMU Common Lisp.
DIS. Network protocols for dynamic terrain in distributed simulations. Communications and real-time control software for virtual reality training devices.
Version Control
git Conversion of complex CVS repositories to git.
Associate professor, Université Bordeaux 1
Computer Languages
C, C++, Common Lisp, Java, Perl
Human Languages
Fluent in French
Red Hat, LaBRI -- Université Bordeaux 1,, Dotcast, Crave Entertainment, Lockheed Martin ADS, Sarcos Research
S.B. Ocean Engineering, MIT. PhD. studies in computer science at the University of Utah and Université Bordeaux 1.
U.S., resident of France